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Futurepast | 2021 – Present Re-branding, creative direction, photography, artwork and graphic design for FUTUREPAST electronic music label. _ 1. Ultradian’s Monomial digital EP cover artwork and design 2 – 6. FRAK’s Formless Obstructions EP labelstickers artwork and design 7 – 10. Brainwashed Today – Alarm Phase Red LP / Full sleeve and labelstickers artwork […]

Mimic | 2014 A series of scans created by using the gesture as a compositional and expressive element. ‘Mimic alludes to the intrinsic barriers and interferences in the era of digital communication, to the distance and the lack of empathy in an increasingly predominant media, starting from the most primitive communicative element, the gesture.’ _ […]

CMYK | 2018 Series of digital collages that explore the errors of technology and printer devices. _ Format: 210 x 297 mm DIN A4 200g Prints availabre

Monegros | 2012 Corporative image proposal for the Monegros Festival 2012. Final Project for Advertising Graphics Higher Level. Massana School. Barcelona. _ Logo, typography, posters, flyer, guides, signage, web design.

Deconstructivism | 2013 Digital illustration inspired by architectural deconstructivism. _ Format: 3508 x 4961 px

Cubic_o | 2016 Abstract digital ilustration series.

Z_shirt | 2016

Folium | 2015 Bio-digital decorative designs.